Journal Articles

  • Radical Right Islamists: A Counterintuitive Argument,  (forthcoming, 2020) 
  • Rethinking Safety of Journalists in Bangladesh, Media and Communication, (with Mushfique Wadud, in Press, 2020)
  • Bangladesh Boat People: Context, Drivers and Policy Implications, South Asia Research, 39 (1) 78-94 (2018)
  • South-South Migration: Political Islam and Violent Extremism in the Shadow of Globalization in Bangladesh. India Quarterly, 73 (3): 312 – 326 (2017)
  • The Diverse Roots of the ‘Secular’ in East Pakistan (1947–71) and the Crisis of ‘Secularism’ in Contemporary Bangladesh”, History and Sociology of South Asia (Sage), 11 (2): 156-173 (2017)
  • Playing with Fire: Islamism and Politics in Bangladesh, Asian Journal of Political Science, 23(2): 226- 241, (With Martin Griffiths) (2015)
  • Sport as a critique of politics: Everest climbing, nationalism and the failure of politics in Bangladesh, Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought,5 (4) : 540–552 (2015)
  • To What Extent Diplomats Influence Foreign Policy? Tony Blair’s Foreign Policy since 9/11 with Regards to Afghanistan and Iraq as Case Studies. World Journal of Islamic History and Civilization. Vol. 4, No.: 1-9(2014)
  • Islam, Islamism and Post- Islamism: Rediscovering Politics after the War on Terror. Australian Journal of Politics and History. 60 (1): 110-124 (With Martin Griffiths and George Crowder) (2014)
  • The Geopolitics of Political Islam in Bangladesh. Harvard Asia Quarterly. 14 (1&2): 60-69.     (Harvard University Asia Centre) (2012)
  • Historical Development of Political Islam with Reference to Bangladesh. Journal of Asian and African   Studies. 47 (2): 155-167  
  • The Concept of Globalization and How this has Impacted on Contemporary Muslim understanding of Ummah.” Journal of Globalization Studies. Vol. 2, No.2  145-159 (2012)  
  •  Political Islam and Democracy in Bangladesh.” South Asia Research. 31 (2): 97-117 (2011)
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