Public Relations Portfolio

I managed international communication of a key project of the Prime Minister’s office in Bangladesh. Simultaneously I have advised Bangladesh’s Tax Administration as a Communication Specialist and I was employed by British Consultancy firm Ecorys UK. Before that I managed media and communication for international NGO Oxfam Great Britain. This page will feature some of my video, TV interviews, books, photos and blogs produced as a public relations and humanitarian campaign expert.

TV Interviews as an Oxfam Spokesperson:

In Sky News UK
In Bloomberg TV

Testimony of Journalists (Policy Advocacy): A book was planned and published where 15 journalists contributed articles to raise awareness among policy makers and public after Cyclone Aila ravaged through Bangladesh. I was the Editor and Planner of that book. It was supported by 15 national and International NGOs. Read the book

Sample Oxfam Press Release: Pakistan floods: mega disaster needs mega response

Sample Oxfam Humanitarian Blog: The children of Pakistan’s floods, read it here