Free Speech & Democracy Promotion

In 2012 I co-founded an international think piece website to promote cross cultural dialogue, pluralism and democracy. The name of the Website was Alochonaa – a Bengali word referring to Dialogue in English . We were a non partisan, non governmental and non religious platform seeking to promote debate across a range of social, and or, political topics. A key premise of this initiative was to enhance a greater understanding about peoples’ lives, and their portrayal of realities within a broader sociopolitical contexts of civilizations. Alochonaa sought to promote dialogue between various disciplines. Democracy, pluralism and multiculturalism are at the heart of our initiative and that is why we chose a Bengali word as our title. The website promoted critical and evidence-based debate in forms of Op-Ed and long articles with a special focus on Politics, International Affairs, Sociology, Culture, Creative Writing, Photography, Film review etc. The website which ceased to exist is:

The Core Team included: Me as the Co founder and Editor in chief, Dr. Lucy West(Co-founder & Editor), Dr. Simon Leitch, Fatima, Brett Elmer, Dr. Sean Barry. Dr. Danny Cooper, Scott Musgrave.


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